Every Dead End Is a Runway

What does it take to turn a dead end into a runway to take flight as God intends for us?  For God has made us more than conquerors through Him who love us!  Romans 8:37

In the Bible, Joseph went from being his father’s favorite to being sold into slavery, accused of rape and thrown into prison.  Yet he held to his faith and the dreams God gave him. God launched him so high Joseph spared Egypt from famine, saved his whole family, and passed on a covenant blessing to the next generation!

Moses was an adopted child with an anger problem who became a murderer.  After forty years in exile he saw a flaming bush in the desert and God made him into the great prophet and leader of Israel.  Through Moses we received the Commandments and the Tabernacle that foreshadow the coming of Messiah.

Ruth was widowed with nothing left in the land of Moab, but she chose to stay with her mother-in-law and accepted Naomi’s God as her God.  After returning to Israel with Naomi, Ruth married Boaz, a wealthy man, with whom she had Jesse, King David’s father.  Her decision to follow God made her part of Jesus’ earthly lineage.

As a lowly shepherd, David fought lions and bears while tending sheep until  Samuel prophesied he was a king.  Then he fought Goliath and formed an army of outcasts that forged the nation of Israel.  King Saul rejected David, but in the end David reigned, wrote most of the psalms and prophesied more details about Jesus’ life than anyone else.  God said King David’s line will last forever. 

Esther was an orphan who ended up the wife of a king.  God offered her the opportunity to step up and save her people from destruction.  She risked her life to answer God’s call and fulfilled not only her personal destiny but the destiny of all Israel!

Every dead end is a runway in disguise when we live in faith in God.  So what happens when we fly?

  • Joseph teaches us to hold onto the promises and dreams God gives us.
  • Moses teaches us to encounter God and follow His Words.
  • Ruth teaches us to not let our bloodline or past define our future.
  • David teaches us to build our relationship with God in the secret place.
  • Esther teaches us not to forget that we are chosen by God and have a destiny.

Jesus paid the price for our wings because His Father made us to fly!   What gave you traction in the last season will keep you down in this one.  Just let the breath of God lift you up, up, up on wings like eagles!