Our prayer ministry is based on the word Sozo:

To save, to heal, to deliver, to make well, heal, to deliver, rescue and make whole. 

Removing the baggage the wounds, lies, hurts, deep disappointments and effects of trauma in your life is at the heart of God and the Sozo ministry. Our trained team members will lead you through a series of encounter prayers that will dismantle strong hold, bring you into a place of freedom from sin and release you from captivity. Doors that gave access to the enemy in your life will be closed. Cool Stuff.
God desires for you to live completely whole body, soul & spirit
Truth is…

You were created to make an impact on this earth and in those around you. When you are walking free of hinderances and know your true identity as a son or daughter of God. You are a powerhouse for the kingdom. 


As you are healed and made whole, body, soul and spirit you are a walking testimony of God’s goodness. 


You become a warrior for the kingdom, one who has the ability to shift atmospheres and brings heaven to earth. 


Get Free…
Every one of us living in this fallen world has wounds, hurts and unforgiveness that we need to be healed of. Lies that are believed long enough become strongholds that develop into ungodly mindsets. 

This toxic stuff piles up as the months and years go by. You end up carrying baggage that God never intended for you to be weighed down with. 

Sozo is a life changing encounter with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. You are released from sin and, thus allowing Jesus to come and bind up every wound.
Freedom from…
Lies, Doubt, Unbelief
Generational curses effecting your life
Destructive and/or repetitive patterns in your life
Relational and/or authority issues that impact you

Inner Healing Prayer is…

  • A time of connection and encounter with God.
  • A time of ministry led by Holy Spirit
  • A safe, gentle, effective and confidential
  • A time of communication and interaction with God
  • Is not a counseling session – Pastoral Care is available separately 
  • FREE – Donations are welcome for ongoing training but not asked for.

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