The High Way to Things Above

Jesus taught that heaven is not simply where we go when we die, but the place of God’s rule and reign on earth here and now.  Our job, as children of God, is to call out to Him for the ways of heaven to govern our hearts and lives here and now.  We are earthly vessels designed and called to carry and share the things of heaven wherever we go.  We are to seek first the Kingdom of God and whatever else we need will be given to us.

When we accept Jesus as the Lord of our life, we become citizens of Heaven.  When someone is healed and delivered from the power of the devil, the Kingdom of Heaven has come upon them.  When the love of Christ moves in us and through us, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.  

high way 2Prayer takes us onto the High Way of Faith between heaven and earth.  When we turn our attention to our Father in heaven, as Jesus taught us, we enter the High Way of Faith.  It’s a two-way High Way. Jesus is seated with the Father in the place of dominion interceding for us.  When we call out to Jesus, the Father hears us.  He wants us to prosper here on earth.  He answers every prayer.  We are to be anxious for nothing but rather to make our requests known to God by prayer and petition with thanksgiving.  When we do this we fulfill our calling as people chosen to be a royal priesthood right here on earth (1 Peter 2:9).   

Prayer is an amazing privilege given to all people, even unbelievers.  Many people come to faith simply by crying out to God or Jesus in desperation, then discovering that God actually answers their heart cry.  But as Believers, we are called to something more.  We are called to actively participate in God’s plan to bring forth the ways of heaven on earth.  This is a higher call than simply asking for our personal needs.  We are called to make prayers of faith trusting that God is the God of love and compassion, the only God who invites people to call Him “Father.”  Our Father in heaven desires to have a personal connection with each of His children.  All of His creation longs for us to walk in the fullness of who we were made to be.  Abba Father sends His Spirit every day to empower us to be who He calls us to be so that we ourselves become bearers of heaven on earth.

Next time you pray, think on these things.  Intercede with God for heaven to come to earth—then be prepared to be used by Him to make it come true!  Prayer is the Way to bring things above down to earth.  In this way Jesus in our hearts becomes the High Way of Holiness.

highway 1